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Federal and State Agencies

Continental has provided acquisition and relocation of many federal, state and local agencies. CFS has experience performing our services under all federal regulations as well as state and local rules, regulations, restrictions, ordinances, statutes and laws. CFS is especially strong in project management, scheduling, and control. CFS helped to pioneer the “turn-key” approach to right of way acquisition for transportation projects.

The key to our success in managing large projects is not only making certain that our team has expertise at following all applicable regulations but that they also truly comprehend the nature of our work. The CFS staff understands the stresses and strains of the process and work tirelessly to limit the disruptions and inconveniences that can occur. Because we understand, we go the extra mile to help residents and business be placed in a better position upon completion. We work to mitigate the stress and create new opportunities, all within the confines of the federal and state regulations.

Telecom, Utilities and Private Industry

Continental has partnered with engineering firms, pipeline companies, utilities and developers to provide right of way and consultation services nationwide. CFS utilizes its decades of knowledge and experience to streamline the process for our clients, leaving them to focus on their area of expertise. These collaborations have led to hundreds of successful projects and established strong relationships in all sectors.





Beth Wilson Hill

Beth Wilson Hill


Beth is a licensed attorney with twenty five years of real estate experience in land acquisition for federal, state and local acquisition projects. She has extensive experience in the administration, management, and delivery of land acquisition.

She is an environmental attorney with expertise in land use, environmental regulations, hazardous waste management, title and escrow, negotiations, relocation assistance, historic preservation and property management.

Christine Wilson McFadden

Christine Wilson McFadden


Christine brings over twenty five years of experience in business, project and contract management to CFS. She oversees all company operations, budgets, and invoicing to ensure projects are delivered on time, with consistent quality to provide the highest level of service to clients.

She has worked in the right of way industry for twenty years and brings her experience to managing field staff and maintaining client relations.

Allison Hill

Allison Hill


Allison is a recent graduate of the University of Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business. She joined CFS in 2015 and is working towards her Certified General Real Estate Appraisal license.

She has worked on full and partial acquisition appraisals for various right of way projects. She is currently in charge of appraisal coordination and assists in proposal writing.

Brice Paris

Brice Paris


Brice has experience with the Washington Department of Transportation and has served as project manager throughout the western United States. In addition to his decades of service as the Chief of Right of Way for the state of California. Brice has years of experience as a consultant having worked with HDR, Parsons Brinkerhoff, and the California High Speed Rail. At the California High Speed Rail, Brice drafted the Right of Way manual, implemented ROW policy, provided oversight and review of appraisals, acquisitions and relocations and provided reporting and updates to the CEO.

Paul Schray

Paul Schray


Paul has over thirty years of experience in the acquisition of property for public transportation projects. He has been a consultant for various projects located within Virginia, New Jersey, Oregon and the District of Columbia. His experience includes the management of all acquisition, relocation and appraisal functions, title research, right of way plan design and review, acquisition negotiations, relocation assistance, administrative value determinations, appraisal technical review and condemnation trial preparation and testimony. He has been with CFS since 1998.


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