California High Speed Rail Authority

CFS has purchased over $200,000,000 worth of property for the California High Speed Rail. CFS is responsible for delivering the land for all but two of the twelve current construction sites on the project. The CHSRA assigns CFS their most complex and politically sensitive acquisitions. CFS was one of the first ROW consultants on the project. The team works closely with CHSRA management to streamline processes and optimize project delivery. CFS has been assigned more properties than any other consultant on the project and is a top producer.

Example of Cost Savings and Innovation

Implementation of CFS eOffice

CHSRA was considering utilizing Caltrans MIS system but they were concerned about the high initial fee and annual fees. CFS introduced its cloud based, customized, right of way and property management databases that they developed.  It has since been customized to include other organizations including Caltrans legal and Department of General Services to improve communication between government agencies, consulting firms and throughout the CHSR. Utilization of the CFS database has saved CHSRA millions of dollarsover using other products that were being considered at the time.