General Services Administration – Scranton Federal Courthouse

CFS successfully relocated all residential and commercial tenants in a mixed use apartment building  to make way for a new courthouse in Pennsylvania. CFS was responsible for all relocations and property management until the building was demolished. Just under 200 relocations were performed only one commercial relocation was contested.

GSA was able to assure Congress that the mixed use apartment site was the best choice. The GSA was then obligated to assist the building’s current tenants in relocating. This was the first time the Mid Atlantic regional office had been faced with a sizable relocation process, and they found it more difficult than anticipated. When the final site location decision was announced on July 7, 1994. The GSA brought in CFS for its expertise in relocation and on time project delivery.

CFS held meetings with the tenants of the building to explain the relocation process that they would go through, which seemed to alleviate some of the public concerns. Complications arose when the relocation process began before the GSA owned the building. The current owner did not want to lose rent money, so he moved new tenants into vacant apartments as soon as the GSA moved existing tenants out. The government proceeded with the purchase of the building, and CFS negotiated with owner for protective rents and delivered the building empty less than 18 months later.


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