Mega Projects – Woodrow Wilson Bridge & Springfield Interchange

CFS was selected as the General Right of Way Consultant for this multi-state and multi-agency Metro DC bridge replacement project. CFS operated as the management and review consultant for all Right of Way functions. CFS prepared the Right of Way Cost Estimates, the Relocation Stage One reports, updates for the various phases of this multi-billion project, and performed all preliminary engineering reviews as they relate to right of way acquisition. One of the most complex projects in the country, the construction of Woodrow Wilson Bridge solved one of the worst bottlenecks on the East Coast. At a total cost of over two billion dollars, the Woodrow Wilson Bridge project was undertaken by four main partners: the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), Maryland State Highway Administration (MSHA) and the District of Columbia Department of Public Works (DCDPW).

Example of Cost Savings and Schedule Improvements

CFS worked to develop an incentive plan and get it approved by FHWA. Incentives were offered to tenants in addition to the full relocation payment. Incentive payments were based on the early move date. Over 400 tenants were successfully relocated in eight months. This was significantly less time than originally scheduled. The relocation incentive program was a major factor in getting the project back on schedule and minimizing additional delays. Millions of dollars were saved through this innovative initiative and CFS was awarded the prestigious Federal Highway Authority’s Excellence in Right of Way and Innovations in Right of Way awards.

The Right of Way Management team used a collaborative effort to ensure that right of way on the multi-billion dollar bridge project was successfully delivered. The team crafted efficient, cost-effective solutions to meet the challenges posed by the project and successfully partnered to meet these challenges.

Excellence in Right of Way Committee

Federal Highway Authority

CFS completed this project within the time frames of the contract and well under budget.

Consultant Performance Report

Springfield Interchange, Virginia Department of Transportation


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